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M&N Elearning

Effortlessly manage your elearning programme with our beautifully simple LMS. Whether you’ve a serious number of learners or just a few, M&N Elearning LMS makes managing your elearning programme very easy indeed. M&N Elearning LMS includes a free M&N Elearning Author licence and all the training and support you need to succeed.

Save time

M&N Elearning LMS is easy, versatile, and ready-to-go in minutes. You've everything you need within easy grasp to manage your programme, however big or small.

Amazing support

Our free training and support programme is second-to-none. We want you to be confident and your elearning programme to be a success.

No risk

Make sure M&N Elearning LMS is a great fit before you commit. Our unlimited free trial and friendly support will ensure there are no surprises.

Happy teams

With pain free management, tracking and reporting, you can expect engaged teams and happy stakeholders in equal measure.

M&N Elearning Pricing (Coming Soon)

Straight-forward pricing plans (including ‘pay-as-you-go’) with support and
training included.
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