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How to create courses in M&N Elearning?

Step 1

  1. Click the Courses

Step 2

  1. Click “Create course” Button

Step 3

  1. Select the category of your Course

Step 4

  1. Enter your course name, set picture for your course, write a short and detailed description of your course, Set the Course duration, maximum seats in course, course start date and automatic evaluation.

Step 5

  1. Click Move to Advanced Settings

Step 6

  1. Configure the settings according to your desired settings.

Step 7

  1. Click “Move to course component

Step 8

  1. Create Course Group and Close Forum, then Click “Move to Curriculum

Step 9

  1. Build a Curriculum and upload Package then proceed to Accessibility

Step 10

  1. You can create free course, add price for your course and invite student applications for your course, the click “Publish” button
21 August 2020
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